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Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic & Yellow Fever Centre

Once you have made your travel plans make an appointment to come and see us at a time that is convenient to you. Ideally we should see you at least eight weeks before you travel so that we can advise you which vaccinations you need to protect your health when travelling.

A first appointment will normally take about 30 minutes to allow time for us to gather all relevant information about you. Repeat appointments are normally quicker but you will be asked to wait at least 10 minutes after any vaccination to ensure all is well.

Lomack Health is a registered Yellow Fever Centre.

Consultation (For those attending for advice only) £20.00
Private prescription £20.00

Vaccination Prices (price per dose)

Cholera (Dukoral) full course £70.00

Combined Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio

Combined Hepatitis A and B £130.00
Combined Hepatitis A and Typhoid £110.00
Hepatitis A £70.00
Hepatitis B £70.00
Junior Hepatitis B £50.00
Japanese Encephalitis £120.00
Meningitis ACWY £80.00

Rabies IM Route

Tick Encephalitis £80.00
Junior Tick Encephalitis £80.00
Typhoid £50.00
Yellow Fever £75.00
Malaria Tablets  
Doxycycline (50 tablets) £45.00
Malarone (12 tablets) £50.00
Malarone Paediatric (12 tablets) £45.00
Mefloquine (Lariam) (8 tablets) £45.00
Paludrine Chloroquine (98/14 tablets) £25.00
Paludrine (98 tablets)
Duplicate £25.00
Travel Vaccination Record Booklet £10.00
Refund Policy
We can not offer refunds or accept returns on any anti-malarial or other drugs supplied by the clinic.